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Basic openings

Extensive collection featuring the most common openings and defenses: Giuoco Piano, Ruy López, Sicilian, and more.

Italian (giuoco piano)

An elegant chess opening dating back to the 16th century, unfolds with strategic subtlety, harmonizing pawn movements to set the stage for a balanced and nuanced game.

Italian - King attack

An aggressive variant of the Italian that puts the white king in a delicate position and can lead to a quick victory.

Italian - Two knights

An aggressive setup where both players develop their knights early on, leading to dynamic positions with potential attacking opportunities for both sides.

Spanish (Ruy López)

A classic chess opening that sets the stage for dynamic battles, as white strategically deploys the bishop to control key squares and initiate a powerful assault on black's position.


A fierce and dynamic chess opening, unleashing a tactical battlefield where both players vie for control and counterplay from the very first moves.


A solid and strategic chess opening, establishing a sturdy foothold in the center while carefully planning counterplay and pawn breaks.


A solid chess opening known for its positional nature. It provides a sturdy foundation for black, offering reliable defenses and counterattacking opportunities.

Italian - Giuoco pianissimo

A more restrained and slow-paced variation of the Italian, focusing on solid pawn structures and gradual piece development.

Scholar's Mate

A quick and straightforward attack, which is often an early-game trap that can catch inexperienced players off guard. Learn to punish any opponent who attempts to employ it against you.

Italian - Blackburne Shilling gambit

A trap for novices in chess, involving an early sacrifice of a knight in an attempt to secure a quick victory.